Sarah B: My Amerigas Angel


Posted on January 14, 2012


I have not had a good experience with Americas, my propane supplier . They have had horrible customer service and I’ve related my problems with them in a blog entry I made in late 2011. The latest had to do with the fact Amerigas had charged my credit card $20, even though I did not have a balance on my account and hadn’t for more than a month. Still, they had charged my card and had not responded to my requests to give me my money back.

However, something happened recently that restored my faith in the company’s customer service–well, kind of anyway. I received an email from an Amterigas customer service rep named Sarah B (I won’t get her last name here) who works in the Amergas Ludington, Michigan office.

Sarah had run across my blog entry while searching for something else. After reading about my misfortunes, she sent me a message via the blog saying how sorry she was and that, if I would contact her, she would call me as soon as she could and do whatever she could  to help me.

I emailed Sarah my phone number and she called the next morning, as promised, offering to fix my problem, as promised. And she did. She also gave me a credit on my account—totally unsolicited–as a way of apology.

I am grateful to Sarah. She renewed my faith in Amerigas and in customer service. Here was someone who takes pride in her company, saw a problem with a customer, took ownership of the problem and fixed it–all on her own.

Amerigas has a wonderful committed employee and I hope they know it (in fact I will write a letter and tell them). And I have an angel, an angel I hope I will never have to use again, but one that’s there looking out for me.

Thanks, Sarah!

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