2015_January_Harrison Marty

My name is Marty Johnson and I live in Harrison, Michigan. I used to live in Detroit, Westland and then Livonia.  I also used to be married but things change. Marital status, addresses, hairline and more.

I am a recently retired technical communicator with 25-plus years in corporate and marketing communications, including extensive print and website experience. Although I have two degrees in Business Administration and worked for AAA Michigan for 28 years, I found over time that I enjoyed volunteer work and assisting non-profits and small businesses so I traded a cubicle and a paycheck for well…a fuller life, at least in my mind. I now spend my days doing volunteer work.  Some of it is communication related (producing emails and newsletters for several organizations), while some of it is physical labor (collecting old tires, building a playscape), and another part of it includes helping people (museum docent, hospice volunteer).

In addition, I enjoy traveling, reading, local history and local history research, sitting at the local restaurant with the locals, writing blog posts, and photography, to name a few things.

Although I love all these things, along with playing with my grandkids (five of them), I am too young and too poor to fully indulge my passions and stay fully retired, so I am going to find a part-time job or two. Not sure yet what those will be. Currently looking and certainly open to offers.

Oh, my moniker “Blue Lemon” used to be my CB radio “handle” (if you are old enough to remember those, good buddy). The name itself came from my first car. It was a 1971 Ford Maverick and it was blue and a lemon. Right now I have a 2007 Ford Freestyle with 231,000 miles. That one is silver and definitely not a lemon. However, Silver Non-Lemon doesn’t have the same ring to it and so that, unlike other things in my life, is not going to change.

Marty with his blue Maverick a lifetime ago.


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